745 - Green To Cedar River Trail

Green to Cedar Rivers TrailThis trail is probably my favorite. Not because it is well groomed, or because it is wide, safe, and offers lots of friendly passers by. Nope, because it 1) is the closest to my house (I can even walk to it); and 2) it offers access to many facilities: Lake Wilderness and it’s lodge, the Lake Wilderness Arboretum, the Maple Valley Community Center, Lake Wilderness Elementary, and even close access to QFC, BOFA, and some small restaurants.

Kent Kangley Entrance NW of Four CornersA quick walk down SE 272nd (Kent Kangley) from 216th St SE to the car wash just west of Four Corners on the north side of the Road gets access to this trail. It does go South from here as well, but I’ve never had the chance to walk that part; however, looking at maps, it continues all the way down to Black Diamond at least, although part of the way it apparently shares space with some single track trails around Lake Sawyer.

Map of areaThis trail is soft surface and as above goes through Maple Valley and past a lot of the community facilities. There are side trails to these facilities; as well as some single track for bikes, and to many many houses that border the trail. It connects with the Cedar River Trail, allowing easy access back and forth to Rt. 169 as well. Several times I’ve taken the 143 bus back and gotten off on 169 and walked home via this trail. It provides a nice respite from the trudgerous commute. The tree canopies and soft trail just bleed one back to rural-ness really quickly.

Some pictures from along the way:

Lake Wilderness from the trail
Lake Wilderness Lodge
Down the trail towards the east

Trip Data
I didn’t use Trailguru because I had planned on going very far and was worried the battery on my iPhone would die, so I used my Nike+ system instead (besides, it’s not like the elevation chart would show a whole lot of difference here… :) )

Trip total uncountable miles to trail head: 1.26
Trip total trail miles: 2.78
Hike-A-Thon total: 5.75

735 - Coffee in the Wildnerness

Coffee in the wilderness has always been a problem for us. We’ve seen all manner of gadgets for making press coffee in the wild, but portable press devices are incredibly fragile and ill-working. We had a really cheap steeping spoon that worked for crap (too small, so it left for a VERY weak cup of coffee…)

H2JoA couple weeks ago I bought the GSI Outdoors H2JO! Water Bottle Coffee Maker. It worked amazingly well and I’ve relied on it exclusively since then. Just screw it on to a bottle, fill with coffee grounds,and let it steep and you have some rather nice tasting coffee. I was a super big fan.

Until Aileen came along and rocked my world (again). Her better solution? Senseo Coffee Pods. Yup, that’s it; it’s that simple. Just drop one pod in a cup, or two pods in a 18 ounce or so tumbler and you have coffee that not only tastes brewed fresh, but at an even lower weight. And you don’t need to bring along abottle that the H2Jo fits on, you can use whatever camp cup you’re used to using.

Couple it with a JetBoil and you’ll have some sweet tasting coffee in under 5 minutes from boil to steep to your lips. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Who’d have thought that Senseo would be our wilderness coffee solution?

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