467 - Been a long time.

Sorry to all those who are getting tired of only seeing my links.  I’ve been remiss in communicating for quite a while.  I apologize.  I think it’s because I felt that I wasn’t really reaching many people (no offense to those reading… :) )

I came up with a solution to save this blog and to reach the masses all at once – I started a new blog on Lockergnome called Tech Time (Chris’ reach is tremendous).

How is starting another blog going to save this one?  Well, because that one will have the more in depth posts that I have boiling inside me for tips, tricks, etc.  This one will remain the home of Myk and will continue to have my photos, links, and reviews.  It will also have the personal posts I used to have.  If you want the more in depth posts, go over there.  For some foreshadowing, read my intro post.

Welcome back to content, and amble over there and let me know what you think.

449 - EMI ditches DRM for iTunes songs

Found this via Jonathan Coulton.

I’m glad to here this, it’s a step in the right direction.  Jonathan says it best with this quote though:

…But you know, good for them I guess – it’s kind of like watching a baby eat with a spoon for the first time – even though they’re doing it totally wrong and making a terrible mess of things, it’s cute to watch them trying…

How true, how true…

440 - Good News; Bad News (Inbox Emtpy; Links Galore)

The good news is I finally hit zero at work – both my Inbox and my to followup folders are clean!

The bad news (well for you at least) is that I did so by pumping lots of emailed URLS into my del.icio.us bookmarks… *blush*

So, if you’re not very development or Ruby inclined, I’d skip my linkpost that’ll come up later today from del.icio.us…

Have a good weekend!!!

415 - Sending HTML emails in Rails using LoginEngine’s UserNotify model

I was having trouble with my latest project quite a while back in that I couldn’t get LogineEngine’s UserNotify model to correctly send HTML emails.  I would keep setting the Content-type header to “text/html” but it would always revert back to “text/plain”.  Grrrr!

Well, the issue lies in its use of Rails’ ActionMailer gem. It seems there is a particularly annoying bug in that ActionMailer unassumedly gobbles up certain common headers, even if properly set and replaces them with default settings (or rather, ignores them.)  There’s a patch in the bug, but we prefer to keep as clean a version of Rails as possible to make upgrading and versioning much easier for our production environment.  Note that even though the referenced bug may not seem to apply, the root problem causes both this issue and the one described in the bug (and another for using the proper headers to help thread conversations using In-Reply-To headers).
The solution lies in the RDocs for ActionMailer, so I’m very surprised that no one else has mentioned this solution yet.  It’s so easy of one I kicked myself for taking so long to find it.  Basically, instead of trying to set the Content-Type header, you need to set the @content-type variable equal to “text/html” in the action you have which sets up your email before it gets sent.  Don’t forget that SMTP RFCs say you need a “Mime-Version: 1.0″ header when setting the content-type header.  Below is the code to insert into your setup action, or the action you use to send the mail if you don’t have an action to setup from, etc…

@content_type = “text/html”
@headers[‘Mime-Version’] = 1.0

As an additonal tip, don’t forget to make sure your from address is properly formatted.  It should include a name AND email address of the form:

@from = “My Email Address Name <user@domain.com>”

This will make sure that your email is less readily identified as spam.

297 - The Chunk Master Presents

Wooden nickel

Originally uploaded by shaneahern.

MashupCamp2 had a session called speed geeking where the developers in attendance could present a mashup they created. I started one the 2nd day and presented it at its present point on the third day. It’s called ChunkLove.com. Here’s a picture of me giving my demonstration of it. Go ahead and visit the site for more information about it.

BTW, if you’re at MashupCamp2 and in posession of a wooden nickel, see my post about investing in Chunk Love.

295 - Mashup University Starts – Mashup Camp Coming

I’m in San Francisco for Mashup University and Mashup Camp. Mashups are basically the conjucntion of two or more disparate data sources being aggregated into one application. Think Google Maps meets customer data for example. I’ll be here the whole week if you’re in the area and want to meet up. Check my details in the upper left and get a hold of me.

286 - Attention!!

One of the biggest conversations at Gnomedex 6 has been attention data and how companies are bad and evil for keeping this data and not letting users have it. Same for our user generated content. The sites that let us contribute our data and trust to build their site and wont let us get that data back out when we’re ready to go are evil.


But, there’s something more evil, and it’s not the companies or their practices. It’s us. We’re letting them do it. I hear a lot of people standing up and pounding their fists. That’s good, they’re incensed and letting people know. BUT, they’re not leaving these sites. They keep giving them more data!!!

If Charmin scratched you ass every time you wiped it, would you continue to use it?

For goodness sakes everyone, TALK WITH YOUR FEET!! Continue to stand up and complain, continue to fight the good fight, but above all else, DON’T continue to use a site that you bitch and moan about.

If you’re mad that e.g. a site you’ve reviewed products on won’t let you get that data out of their site easily so you can take it to another site STOP REVIEWING PRODUCTS THERE!!!

Stand up for your rights and take your business, your trust, your data, and your attention to someone who knows how to respect you in the morning.

284 - Quote – on making the world a better place

— “I don’t want to have to boot Windows to make the world a better place…”

Heard on the “Floss” Podcast (find it on TWiT) during an interview of Ryan Gordon. They were talking about how Google Earth has been used to save lives during Hurricane Katrina among other instances. Ryan is a developer experienced in porting applications to Mac and Unix, primarily games – he ported Google earth to Linux.

283 - AMD reaching out to bloggers

I just spoke with Geoff Nelson from AMD in the lobby of the Bell Harbor Conference Center waiting for Gnomedex 6 to start up. He said that AMD is making a concerted effort to reach out to bloggers as news makers. They sound like they want to make themselves available to answer questions on stories on the same privilege level as “regular” press.

I hope this stands up and happens – there are too many companies ignoring the sheer reach and breadth of the blogosphere. There are quite a few companies that could stand to follow suit…

281 - Gnomedex 6.0 – Who Am I?

I have a couple of posts RE: Gnomedex in the back of my brain, but I wanted to throw out some contact information now if anyone wants to meet up.

Best way to reach me the whole weekend (or anytime for that matter) is to call my SkypeIn number @ (206) 855-5578.  If I’m on wifi and logged into Skype, I’ll get your call there; if not, it will forward to my cell phone.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that my name is Myk (pronounced “Mike”), I live in the Seattle area (Maple Valley to be exact), and that I’m a web application developer.  I have serious interests/leanings towards content and information sharing and retrieval.
I’m representing the company I work for (Pure Networks) and our product (Network Magic) and want to focus in on network usage, content sharing, and community/social networking environments.  I’ll be a bit more explicit in a followup post tonight after I get home from the registration party; right now I need to hammer out some bug fixes!

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