29 - Network Magic Released!

The company I work for, Pure Networks, released Network Magic to the public this morning.

Network Magic makes management of a home network much simpler and provides a much easier way to setup Windows networking for sharing files and printers.

It shows the status of your network and all connected devices through a Network Map that is very easy to read:
Network Magic Network Map

Besides sharing files and printers, you can also detect wifi signal strength of any wireless device from any PC running Network Magic. You can track and defend against wireless intruders. It will also throw your computer into a “shields up” mode when you roam off your home network and protect your shares from other devices on the roamed onto network until or unless you tell it not to.

I might be a little biased, but I wouldn’t write up an entry suggesting you go download it unless I absolutely believed in it myself. It solves so many of my home networking problems; I think it can do the same for you.

35 - Big Stock Photo Marketing via comment spam on blogs.

How sad. I will not be signing up any time soon. Yeah, they give a bit more per photo than iStockPhoto, but their integrety is so much lower, and that’s not the kind of company with which I do business.

A comment on my post RE: ShutterStock a while back says:

Check out Big Stock Photo. Traffic & sales are doubling every 2 weeks and we pay commissions at $30. Great site, people and photos!

Had Dawn contacted me off site in email, I would have been happy to check them out and give them a fair shake. Too late. You lost my first impression, and I’m a talker.

When will companies learn that spam just does not work, whether via email or my comment system? At least she tried to be transparent (well maybe not, cause it was a REALLY bad attempt…) and posted only on a post that was relevant; however, spam is still spam.

I’d normally delete the comment, but since it’s just one, and without any Google juice, I’ll leave it there as an embarrasment to their site and company…

39 - ShutterStock TOS changed – You have until 2004-12-21 to clear an account with less than $75

ShutterStock recently changed their TOS to require a minimum of $75 payout, EVEN if you close your account with them. If you have less than that and leave for any reason (most likely to become exclusive somewhere else’s) then you lose ANY royalties made.

If you disagree with this policy (and I most ceratinly do) then you have time. A quote from Jon at ShutterStock on DPChallenge at this forum thread says:

“For the next 2 weeks (until 12/21/04 EST) you can remove your photos and request a clearout of your account. “

If you have a ShutterStock account, I highly suggest you go over, disable your images, cancel your account and request payout while you still can.

iStockPhoto (where I am a member) may not be the choice for you, but I think ShutterStock is clearly not the choice to make.

40 - 2.5 Gigapixel camera!!

Via DPChallenge Forums:

TNO TPD, a company which delivers practical applications in the field of technical physics and is based in the Netherlands has produced a 2.5 Gigapixel camera!

If you hit that site, they have a Flash zoomify version that lets you dig into the shot. To see the immense power, zoom in on the cars in the parking lot on the right, you can read their license plates clearly!!

Another gallery exists at the Gigapxl project’s web site.

I am absolutely spell bound.

72 - Execution of ArtByFire.com’s remembrance floats shameful

ArtByFire.com arranged and executed a treasure hunt last night/this morning whereby they hid 911 hand made glass floats to remember the victims of the awful tragedy of three years ago. For that – BRAVO!

Now, for the unfortunate reprimand. Neither on their site, nor via the news reporters who covered this and enticed the public to descend upon three fairly fragile stretches of Puget Sound beach was it ever mentioned to respect the land being searched.

I was at Golden Gardens at 5:45 this morning and what I saw made me cry as much as I did three years ago. This time it was not for the senseless loss of human life, but for the senseless loss of vegetation life. And the killers in this case were not terrorists; they were Seattle residents searching for baubles of glass.

I saw toddlers running through landscaping, teenagers tramping down 4 foot reed grass to see what may lie in the midst, dogs defecating on the beach, people littering, couples bushwhacking through terrain which clearly had no trail, and on and on. I turned around to go home before going to the tidepools, or who knows what indecncy I may have seen befouling them.

Shame on ArtByFire.com for initiating such a public display without first thinking of the ramifications of their actions; shame on the news for failing to mention this to better sensationalize the angle they wanted; and most of all SHAME ON YOU searchers.

78 - Shots of the Locks

My wife chilling on our way in  The 'early' group  The 'mid-point' group  Rail bridge from afar

The 'late day' group  Brdige up with boats galore  Peaceful bird reflecting

79 - Today’s Ballard Locks Photo Shoot

Well that sucks, I just spent 30 mins typing this post up and I closed the wrong browser window! GRRR… Let’s try this again… (tip of the day, save often…)

One word for today, “wow!” I was not at all sure what to expect today and was totally psyched to see 50 some folks at the Locks today with cameras to stand up for civil rights and against racial profiling.

I’ll be editing this post as folks post blog entries and pages with photos from the event today. If you have one and don’t see it below, send me a mail or comment and I’ll add it to the list. I want to make sure everyone’s thoughts and concerns get crossed link left and right to increase the visibility of what caused this and to let everyone know the number of people who refuse to sit down.

Another thing I think everyone should do is send Ian a quick e-mail letting him know your thoughts and offering your support (whether it be words, actions, or whatever.) In fact, I just sent a mail requesting updates and suggest you do the same. I hope to hear great progress of change being effected as a result of all of this.

My apologies for my seemed solitude and disorganization, but it seems that mid-day my inner introvert kicked in and took over (darn devil does that at the most inopportune times!) I wish I could have done personal name exchanges with more of you, but mass socialization wounds my precious psyche (maybe it’s time for Toastmasters…)

I’d like to thank the ACLU and Peacekeepers for sending representatives that helped wrangle us all into one location and give us the peace of mind that only those with decades of experience could do. Thanks also to Cat for getting together one of the larger group photos, cheerfully done by a PI photographer. I didn’t get his card, but thanks to him as well for being so kind as to do that for us! Check out Cat’s site, as I’m sure when she gets the e-mail with it, that she’ll post it there.

The day was wonderful and I had a good time shooting off some pictures, and a great time talking to everyone. I saw some folks I’d met before and a lot of new folks from all over: Cat, Laura, Michael, Garrett, Phil were all in attendance as were some folks from other sides of the fence (timj351 from dpchallenge.com, and Dennie who read it in the Stranger to name a few). Also James, Don, Leslie, Mary, Sibyl, Ric, Aileen, Cindy and so many more.

I took pictures with my new Powershot Pro1, which apparently saves its raw files in a different format than my old Powershot G2, so I need to install a new piece of software before I can get to the pictures I took today. I’m thouroughly wiped and will have to save that for tomorrow. Check back in the afternoon for a look see (I’ll link to that post below for ease of anyone that wants to see my shots…)

Other sites that have more info on their take of the day:
Garrett Fitzgerald
Just Cat from Justlaura.com
Iron Chef Laura “Tegan” Gjovaag from Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog
Michael at eclecticism
Seattle PI – 08/01/2004 day in pictures
Seattle Times – 08/02/04 Local News section
Kelley at Howard Dean was Right
My best shots of the day
Eric of Trompler Foundation Archives
Katherine at Katherine’s Picture Journal

80 - Day of Photography at Ballard Locks – “re-defined”

My event was meant to just be a day of photography where photographers could get together and just be photographers; to show everyone that photographers care about our rights, and to show Ian how many people support him.

I initially called this a workshop, not a protest, as that is the vision I had – and BTW still have. So, even if in your mind this may be a protest, please keep in mind that the event itself is NOT a protest. I’m just encouraging people to go and take some pictures.

That having been said, I feel a need out of fear to be very clear about the vision for this event. We will not be getting in the faces of other people there; be they event participants, police, security, tourists, or any other group for that matter. There will be no rally, there will be no speakers, there will just be a bunch of people taking pictures and discussing the issue at hand amongst themselves as they meet.

If you’re not a photographer and were planning on coming down, feel free to do so. Just remember that your vision of a protest may likely not match my vision for this event. (if it can even be truly called an event.)

It has also come to my attention that the entire Seattle area media has been alerted. I never created a press release because I never really thought this would grow to the size it has. Kudos to the blogosphere on that one I suppose!

A quick message for the media (and everyone else for that matter…): You are welcome to come, and I hope that you choose to so that the government and public can see that there are a large many people who care about photographers rights. Just read above the initial paragraphs where I make the distinction between this event and a regular protest. Please keep the normal operations of the locks in mind. We don’t want to overwhelm them; we just want to take pictures.

If you care about this message – and it sounds from your posts like you do – than help me define the event a bit further so that its intended message persists after it is over.

Several initial thoughts are:

  • Try to procure a gallery showing of some sort with works from this day, and if possible, Ian’s work as well.
  • Start a web site or use the resources of a current one to gather critiques of photos taken at the event for those who wish to have one. I have found that critiques are great for improving the way I look at and take my photos.
  • If you’d like to help be a “marshall” than please let me know. We can get a small group together and talk it out before the event. I was advised by an activist that this might be helpful and couldn’t agree more. These people would mainly just help make sure that nothing bad happens. If tensions get high for whatever reason, we’d talk to people. If you’re a good communicator, please let me know. We can discuss everything in more depth in a few days.

    I don’t envision problems or issues, but I just feel that better safe than sorry is a good credo to live by.

    82 - Rainier climbs for American Lung Association and American Cancer Society

    I feel recently a sincere need to speak out and use my voice to help change the world. To that effect, find here another cause I take deeply to heart.

    The American Lung Association of WA is planning climbs of Rainier in July to benefit their fight for clean air and eradication of diseases like lung cacner. My family has been crushed by cancer. It has left many a death in its trails (my dad, my grandpa, my grandma) and has hit others with it who have fought it off due to the more recent advances in medical technology (my other grandpa and my cousin). My daughter, although cancer free has regular appointments for other issues at the Children’s Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic and I see the affected families on every visit.

    My sister is coming to Seattle to climb Rainier in late July. She didn’t know about the ALAW climbs, but is doing her part to contribute to the cause regardless. If you care about cancer and it’s eradication, please take a moment to read the below. If it moves you, shes has details on how to donate to the American Cancer Society for her climb.

    As most of you know, I have been preparing to climb Mt. Rainier at the end of July. In addition to my physical conditioning and all of the logistical preparations, I have recently decided to add an extra meaningful element to the event.

    I have contacted the local chapter of the American Cancer Society about using my climb to raise money to donate to the ACS (a walk-a-thon of sorts ñ only vertical in orientation!). A portion of the monies I raise will be donated in the name of my father who passed away from skin cancer in 1983 and a portion of the monies I raise will be donated in dedication to my grandfather who is recovering from breast cancer.

    This adds an indescribable dimension and meaning to this summit attempt. My love of long distance hiking and mountaineering can now also simultaneously honor two people I love deeply and will raise monies to help fund research for the detection, treatment, and eventually a cure for various cancers.

    As this is not an official ACS event, there are two ways you can donate if you elect to do so. You can either send cash or checks payable to me directly to me at: __Her personal address removed pending permission to post it__. All of these monies will be added together and sent by me in one check to the American Cancer Society. For those of you who feel more comfortable sending money directly to the American Cancer Society, checks (which should have both Cynthia M. OíLeary and in memory of Jerome Lee OíLeary written on the memo
    line) made payable to the American Cancer Society can be sent to:

    American Cancer Society
    Attn: David
    4940 Van Nuys Blvd.
    Sherman Oaks, California 91403

    The ACS will contact me about a month after the climb to let me know who donated, so I can personally thank everyone.

    Please do not feel any obligation to donate money, but please do send me your positive energy and thoughts on July 29th and 30th. Please also feel free to pass this email along to friends, family, and colleagues.

    Thanks in advance and Iíll give you all the details of my climb at the beginning of August.


    Please post a comment if you donate to the ACS so she can match up contact information with your name. I’m not sure how much info besides names the ACS will send her, and we both feel it important to personally thank you for your generosity.

    How you may ask, does this relate to photography? Well, I have yet to broach the subject with my sister, so I will post in a day or two after I have confirmed she is on board with my idea. I am fairly confident she will agree, but out of respect refuse to speak for her without first speaking to her.

    86 - Ballard Locks Photo Workshop – Sunday August 1st, 2004: 1PM-4PM

    Please see the update

    Results to be seen here

    Ian, at Brown = Terrorist relates a recent and rather disgusting trampling of his constitutional rights.

    I then saw a Seattle Police patrol vehicle driving on a nearby path, one that was inaccessible to the public, and parking in the hilltop parking lot. At that point, I knew what was coming. A few minutes later, I watched in dismay as eight men descended from the parking lot, down the hill, making a bee-line for me and my tripod.

    One of the Seattle policemen, using his strongest, most authoritative voice, gripping his holstered sidearm, was now demanding to see my ID. I asked what this was about and why I had to show him my ID. ìLook, we can do this one of two ways. You show me your ID right now! I’m not kidding!î the cop yelled.

    Let me be the first to admit to my total loss of composure. Eight grown men, five of which were in uniform and wearing sidearms, now surrounded me. I just had a camera, a tripod, and a bad flashback to Rodney King. You bet I was emotional. How composed would you be?

    I read this at Eclecticism. I must admit, my first reaction was disgust. My second reaction after reading the first hand account was sadness. A sadness so deep I actually stopped and cried for a few minutes.

    In response, I will be trying to organize a photo shoot at the Locks as a means of protest. Anyone else who cares about our rights as Americans to photograph interseting PUBLIC subjects are welcome to join me. If you are a photographer in Seattle, please consider coming.

    If you are hesitant (and this is fair given what already happened) at least pass this on to others you know who may want to come along. Feel free to post the link to any and all boards that may have folks who would come (I’ll be posting to dpchallenge in just a few minutes after this post goes live.)

    Sunday August 1st, 2004
    1PM – 4PM
    We’ll meet at the front gates at just before 1PM, if you’re late, just look for the gaggle of tripods inside the property by the locks.

    Besides being a protest of sorts, this location is a wonderful spot to just photograph in general. The locks themselves, the boats, the spill-over, the salmon ladder, the statues, the scenery, the railroad bridge; all offer a plethora of subjects.

    Please leave a comment if you plan on showing up so we can try to get an idea of how many will be showing up. If you don’t want your name being publicly accessible, then sign with a pseudonym.

    Please see the update

    Results to be seen here

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