485 - Semi-daily camera photos project

I’ve started taking some pictures with my Moto Q’s built-in camera. I’d do one of those picture a day projects if I knew I had the patience and where-with-all to finish it. I know I don’t. So, let me present my semi-daily picture project where I’ll try to get a picture as close to every day as possible.

I’ll be posting them to Flickr with the tag “Daily Shot”. I also created a “Daily Shot” set.

I may blog a favorite photo here and there, but for now I’ll being doing this just over at Flickr. Let me know what you think of the photos; just be gentle since they ARE coming from a phone… 😀

251 - iStockPhoto Members Get 20% Off Getty Images Through June

If you’re an iStockPhoto member, you should be subscribing to their email list (the Contact Sheet).  If you don’t, then you missed this article in the May 16th issue:

iStock Members Save At Getty Images
The iStock brass spent last week in NYC with our new pals at Getty Images. Why should you care? After some serious horse-trading, string-pulling and sweet-talking, (okay, it was more like whining) they came back with a hot deal for all of you. iStock members now get 20% off rights managed or royalty-free purchases at Getty until the end of June. Search the entire Getty website, then enter the code G34PC46N at checkout to receive your discount. Now, aren’t you glad you subscribe to this newsletter?

Mergers and Acquisitions have their advantages eh?  Go, buy, save.

176 - Photo Time Capsule – The Longest Exposure Ever

This is a great mix of art, technology, and longevity. I may have to stay at this hotel and ask for this room; just to be a peripheral part of the process. I just wish I had the time to run with some of my photography projects. This makes me jealous…

100 Year Exposure Photo: Artist Jonathon Keats is taking one long photo. His project, a pinhole camera that is taking one continuous picture of a room in the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco, is a mixture of uber-low-tech and ultra-high concept geekiness.

(Via digg.)

141 - iStockPhoto.com Bought by Getty Images

I was trolling my iStockPhoto.com stats and decided to read the latest news on their homepage.  There was a link to an article about things changing with the following excerpt:

In Getty Images, we have found our perfect partner. On February 9, in the early hours of the morning, iStockphoto agreed to join the Getty Images family, functioning independently with the benefits of Getty Images, yet, very importantly for them and us, autonomy. They will nurture and encourage our pioneering spirit so that our entrepreneurial culture will continue to thrive.

It’ll be very interesting to see how these two VERY different stock photography business models mesh.

138 - Almost There (Sorry, but Eden Mor Has Left the Site.)

So I got most of the hacks I remember writing copied over to the new site, which is once again looking like it used to thanks to the “Classic” theme.

Unfortuantely, I don’t yet have any of the old comments copied over.  I’m still not sure I have the time right now to work on that. My sincerest apolgoies to those who took the time to comment – I do appreciate it.  I’ll see what I can do, but for now we’ll start fresh, OK?
The good comment news is that it looks like the comment spam is going to be a lot easier to control.  The bad news is that I no longer have the comment spam to bring all those Eden Mor searchers to my site.

SO, for the benefit of all those Eden Mor fans that were visiting my site because they went to the FOURTH page of Google results to find more pics of her, I present the following links from the FIRST page.  Geesh guys, if you’re going to spend that much time looking for pics, go to the sites WITH the pics!!

Eden Mor’s page on the Big Breast Archive
Eden Mor’s site – The Garden of Eden
Eden Mor’s Wikipedia entry

Now that I’m done goofing around and being a traffic whore, I’ll get back to the good old natured posting I used to do.

20 - Nikon encrypts D2X white balance metadata

Via Engadget and Photoshop News

Nearly every different camera maker has its own proprietary version of the RAW format (though Adobe has been trying to get manufacturers to adopt the license and royalty-free Digital Negative, DNG, standard), so RAW converters are almost always necessary if you want to use a third-party photo editing app. Until now photographers were able to read that data using third-party RAW file converters, but by encrypting white balance metadata Nikon is essentially forcing you to either use their own Nikon Capture app rather than Photoshop (or anything else) or manually adjust the white balance (which can make it more difficult to get the results you want). Not the end of the world, but all Nikon is doing is needlessly alienating their best customers (i.e. the only people could possibly care about something like this).

I may not have a high end Digital SLR, nor do I even like Nikon cameras (at least not yet… ) ) But, this is a slippery slope I’d rather not have ever seen. I was incredibly excited to see Photoshop CS offer RAW file support, but given this latest news, I can’t help but wonder what will happen next. Nokiashop? Yeah, people would buy that.

Camera manufacturers take note, consumers will NOT stand for this. I understand your want for control, but this is not the right way to go about it.

21 - Generation i

No there, is no scientific generation i, I made it up after a realization tonight. The masses that are growing up now are growing up more in tune with a new corporate culture than any other generation.

The proliferation of iPods has propelled Apple back onto the map. Even if they never gain desktop or business workstation market share, they have forever changed teh way that the world listens to music.

iPods have outsold Sony’s walkman numbers by laughable amounts. iTunes is profitable. iPhoto, iChat, iThis, iThat. We’re surrounded by the new MAC culture. They are bringing the convergent home to reality. Others are helping out and doing the same, but none have been as successful or innovative about it as Apple.

How did I realize all this? When while going to free scoop day, my 2.5 year old daughter turned to me and yelped (yes yelped!) with glee, “DADDY, DADDY, LOOK!!! I WANNA GO IN THE APPLE STORE!!!” Not only did she recognize the store itself from the outside, she knew what it was, and here’s the killer – what awaited her inside. And she was so enamored by past visits that she wanted, no HAD to go back in again.

As we passed the tables of iPods, she immediatley points and says, “look mommy, like daddy’s!.” She doesnt skip a beat and heads straight for the center table in the back by the theater and sits down on the black ball in front of a slick iMac and starts drawing. After a while, we ask her to come along and she just tells us, “no, I’m working.”

Guess it’s time to get her a WACOM tablet eh?? )

23 - Goodbye Queen Anne

Our Old Condo Keys

*sigh, cry* Those are our old condo keys. Yes, old, as in no longer ours.

This past Friday we closed a book in our life. The buyers of our condo took possession at 9PM. Whereas we’re glad to have sold it and be on our way to places with much more space to grow, we still close this book with a bit of sadness. We lived in this neighborhood for almost seven years. We did so much in our life while we lived in this building.

Aileen and I moved here just after getting engaged. We started our new life together here. We walked the streets, went to the parks. Hempfest, Bumbershoot, Folk Life, Vegfest, the St Patty’s Day Dash, Pagdiriwang, and more were all 5-10 minutes walk away.

I worked in the office building next door and started to realize how stressful I found driving to work. To this day I still take the bus, even though we live further away. I’ve found an inner peace that can’t be bought.

We had many superbowl parties and BBQs in both units. We made freinds, we formed bonds.

We got married and bought our first condo after our apartment building got converted to condos. This was a big step for us as we started to grow in our life together.

We had our first daughter, Kelsey. A miracle then, now, and forever.

I got laid off for the first time. I think the management was surprised at how in stride I took it. I was actually welcoming it, as I got to stay home and take care of Kelsey for two years. They were stressful, but I wouldn’t give anything at all in exchange for them. I formed a bond with her that most fathers could only dream of having with their daughters.

I started my business and worked from home out of a makeshift office we created in our bedroom with a door desk and two free-standing partitions we scored off of Craigslist. This was by far the hardest thing ever. Kelsey would refuse to go to bed until I was done working at night, and I could only get things done after Aileen got home from work to take over night shift day care duties.

We moved my mom to Seattle and out of the sheer drudgery that was Middletown, PA. I have not seen her this happy, full of life and enrgetic since I was in high school. She’s come to a palce she can call home (with or w/o us). After years of inactivity and boredom, she walks and buses all ove rthe city every day. She even walked a 5K with us on St Patricks Day.

We got pregnant again and are less than a month away from delivering K2, Kelsey’s younger sister.

In January it was with great sorrow that we decided to sell our condo FSBO. Things were going veyr well at first, but we just couldn’t get enough people in, and it proved much to stressful with everything else going on to get enough people in to see it. A month or so ago (it seems like forever right now) we hired a realtor to list it on the MLS and represent us.

Now, as of Friday we no longer own the condo, we are preparing for the end of May when Aileen is due, and are looking forward to the future which holds places that have at least 3 bedrooms. Our current lease ends in July or when the house we’re renting sells. Likely we’ll rent again for another year or two while we save for another down payment.

This will give Aileen the chance to stay home with K2 like I got to do with Kelsey. She’ll soon be starting the SAHM/start your own business cycle I did a few years ago. I know without a douby that she’ll be as successful at it as I was.

Goodbye Queen Anne…

24 - Adobe to Acquire Macromedia

From the Seattle Times

SAN JOSE, Calif. ó Combining two of the largest makers of software for creating and delivering digital content, Adobe Systems Inc. said today it will acquire Macromedia Inc. in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion.

Shares of Macromedia, known for its Dreamweaver Web-design program and Flash, which animates and adds interactivity to Web pages, rose more than 8 percent in early trading, while Adobe shares sank 11 percent.

I guess this was bound to happen soon, but it still got a “wow” from me.

28 - Seattle Photography Meetup Gallery Show – Friday April 1st

The leader of the Seattle photo meetup group, Cat, organized a showing of local photographs based around the theme “Performance Anxiety” I didn’t come out with something I’m 100% happy with, but then again, I guess I never will, eh…? )

Come join us all at the showing this Friday, April 1st:

Don’t miss out on our first Seattle Photography Meetup Gallery Show!

Make art a priority in your life and take a little time this Friday night to see a new collection from local photographers. It’s the first Meetup Gallery show and it’s happening Friday April 1st at the Black Box Gallery in Fremont. Bring friends, family, coworkers, and strangers to enjoy the work… all focused on the theme “Performance Anxiety!”

The show is free and open to the public. Stop by anytime between 6-10pm for some good art, good company, and cheap wine. (Donations of better wine happily accepted). RSVPing on the Meetup site isn’t required but will help us plan better for snacks and drinks.

When: Friday, April 1, 2005 at 6:00 PM

Where: Black Box Gallery
4911 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

Please help spread the word. The Black Box Gallery is located at 4911 Aurora Ave N. Just one block South of the Woodland Park Zoo on the West side of Hwy 99. Friends and family are welcome! Hope to see you there!

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