351 - Refillable Coffee Pods

We have a Senseo at home that we absolutely love (so much so I have one at work too.) The froth created by the forced hot water is a nice bonus to any cup of coffee. However, I have become so dependent on it, that I no longer use a real coffee maker.

Sometimes I want a regular old cup of coffee, or a cup with some custom grounds (there’s a great roaster in San Francisco, but they don’t make pods…) It’s not easily done with the Senseo (or others like the Black & Decker and Keurig versions)
Senseo HD7890/75 Coffee Pod System with Holiday Gift Pack--PARENTMy answer was to do some research and find refillable coffee pods that can be used in single serve coffee machines. I plan on reviewing them all, but initial indications have me leaning towards favoring the myPod since it can make a double cup.

If you’re looking for the same thing, please follow this link to find refillable coffe pods at RefillableCoffeePods.com (my new store :) )

You can also buy a new Senseo Coffee Machine Gift Pack while you’re there if you’ve been thinking about getting one.  Just click on the picture over there on the left (or go to my store – it’s on the front page.)

269 - Cherokee Bay – A slice of the great outdoors at the footsteps to the city

Cherokee Bay – A slice of the great outdoors at the footsteps to the city

Review of: Cherokee Bay Community Club
By: Myk OLeary
Rating: 5
Read review on Judy’s Book.

Let me start out by saying I may be a bit biased since I live in Cherokee Bay and am on its Board of Directors. Cherokee Bay Community Club is the name for our neighborhood’s Office and Recreational Facility.

It’s one of Maple Valley’s only 100% private neighborhoods. I’m not talking gated – we’re not hoidy toidy. I mean that we own everything. The streets, the water system, etc. We’re basically a small city. And that’s what makes it such a fun place to live. We have 853 houses and most people know a lot of other people all over the large parcel we call home. It’s the definition of community.

Kids ride bike safely on our streets, people regularly walk around to say hi and for exercise. We share our expertise – our landscaper and soon to be electrician both live here (and we’re getting tabs on an ex-plumber as well!)

We’ve got a lovely park. It has trees, grass, horseshoes, grills, a playground, a cabana, and lake access to Pipe Lake which is stocked with several types of fish. It’s a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can come here to relax and hang out with your neighbors like you were spending time in a state park. The big difference is that when you’re done eating and it’s time to go home – you’re already there.

I sigh on my morning commute to Seattle every day as I stream onto the freeway listening to my podcasts; however, I breath easy on my trip home knowing that I’ll soon be pulling into a drive covered with a canopy of four 50+ foot evergreens (with more in the backyard).

It’s a slower pace of life, but one that is so much more enjoyable. The only thing that could make it better is if I could work from home…

267 - Dr Fraker – Best Dentist in Seattle

Dr Fraker – Best Dentist in Seattle

Review of: Green Lake Dental Care
By: Myk OLeary
Rating: 5
Read review on Judy’s Book.

I’m referring a Seattle dentist since you asked here. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for. If not, this could very well help someone else.

Let me start by saying how horrible I used to find going to the dentist. I’d sweat, I’d stress, and once there I’d gag on the X-Rays and find myself constantly swallowing for some reason.

Enter Dr Fraker. I came here on a referral and could not be more pleased. My gag reflex is gone (didn’t choke once, even on the back molar x-rays), I am totally relaxed in the chair, and their prices are unbeatable. Yes, I have insurance, but I got two wisdom teeth taken out for a total out of pocket of $65. Yes, for less than a trip to Teatro Zinzanni I was out two teeth (and one had to be cut out…)

The office is right by Greenlake with plentiful on street parking, a very bright and cheery front desk staff, and free samples in the restroom to brush up before your appt.

265 - Get tickets in Seattle by calling LA

Get tickets in Seattle by calling LA

By: Myk OLeary
Category: Opinion > Other
Read the article on Judy’s Book.

In answering a request from a bit ago on Judysbook, I am a bit late to help this particular person, but for those reading for themselves, this tip is GOLDEN.

If a big band you like has tickets opening up on a particular day, get a Ticketmaster number for ANOTHER city that is more open that day and call them. Call them 10 minutes early and ask about some random show, it doesn’t matter which one. At the opening hour of sales, say, “you know what, how about tickets to X at Y?” Since it’s not their hometown venue, they are not inundated with calls and traffic like the local numbers will be.

Works like a charm, and no worries about your net connection (or TM.com’s for that matter) going down.

264 - Photo Booths in Seattle

Photo Booths in Seattle

By: Myk OLeary
Category: Opinion > Other
Read the article on Judy’s Book.


Out of their Seattle list, I’d recommend Archie McPhees or the Science Center. Not sure if they are still there as well, but one of the ones listed has to still exist. If you find any others, let them know so they can expand the list.

263 - REI As-Is Room – Cheap Quality Camping Gear

REI As-Is Room – Cheap Quality Camping Gear

By: Myk OLeary
Category: Opinion > Other
Read the article on Judy’s Book.

Shhh… don’t tell anybody OK? We don’t want it to get ALL over town and have the quality dip.

I was just at the flagship REI on Yale in Seattle picking up a store delivered Internet order. You used to pick those up upstairs at customer service. Now, you pick them up downstairs in the rental department.

You know what else is in the rental department? An as-is room with skis and boots, hiking boots, GPS, sunglasses, bikes, tents, sleeping bags, and anything else your greedy littl emind can think of. Selection varies greatly and by the day. AND Members get an additional 10% so join the co-op (although you don’t get dividends on clearance items…)

Enter the main store, and walk back towards the bikes. There will be an elevator on the far side of the store. Take it down to P2 Rentals.


Oh, and check the REI website for events at each store location, as each one has a members only garage sale, including the obscure Southcenter and Tacoma locations. Both of them have a sale coming up later this month.

260 - Furniture Options in Seattle area

Furniture Options in Seattle area

By: Myk OLeary
Category: Opinion > Other
Read the article on Judy’s Book.

If you’re looking for trendy nice furniture, there’s actually a furniture district in Seattle. It sits below Pike Market to the west on Western and extends all the way down to Pioneer Square. There are shops on side streets along the way as well. I’d say there’s easily over 50 boutique furniture shops. Bring a lot of money though…

For cheaper furniture, it’s a drive, but you can’t beat the Old Cannery Furniture Store in Sumner.

259 - DO It Center Hardware Store Review

DO It Center Hardware Store Review

Review of: DO It Center Hardware Store
By: Myk OLeary
Rating: 4
Read review on Judy’s Book.

My wife loves this store for quick pick ups. The one time I’ve been in, I got the most responsive and most knowledgeable clerk I’ve met in hardware. They do tend to be a bit more expensive than the big box stores though if you’re looking for a lot of things for a big project.

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