742 - Catchup Day for the Hike-A-Thon

I’ve fallen seriously behind my miles goal for the Hike-A-Thon. I’m OK with that since I’ve gone with my mom and the kids and I realize they can’t keep a high pace. But, it does mean I need to make up the difference.

I plan on a long hike for today. I’ll be walking from the house to the Cedar to Green River Trail; taking it to the Cedar River Trail and following it all the way to Lake Washington for about 17 miles. There I’ll be meeting the family for a late picnic lunch. If I have any energy left (hopefully I will) Aileen will then drive me to Fort Dent so I can return south on the Interurban trail at about 15 miles to get picked up for dinner in Pacific.

My previous max at one time is 7 miles, so this is a big stretch. I plan on making at least the first half to Renton, anything after that is gravy.

Wish me luck, and remember that it’s not too late to sponsor me by the mile… :) I’ll have my phone with me, so go ahead and email me with an “if you do this many miles I’ll sponsor you message…” Or Facebook message me.

634 - UFC Undisputed Video Game Sneak Peek

Who knows how the gameplay will be, but the graphics look phenomenal.

Follow the video link to THQ to see Gabriel Gonzaga and Brandon Vera videos as well.

621 - TJ Thyne Teaches us to Smile

An amazing video of the power of something as simple as a smile starring the great actor TJ Thyne from Bones.

590 - Sorry for being away so long

It’s funny how the yearly trip to Seattle Mind Camp gets my butt in gear to at least re-add to my RTM tasks all the stuff I forgo most of the year.

Now that I have this fancy iPhone wordpress app, I can start back into blogging again.

Look for more personal posts here and more technical posts over at Lockergnome in my “Tech Time” nexus.

504 - Conehead Bailey

Conehead Bailey

Originally uploaded by mykoleary.

This is our “intelligent” blue heeler puppy minutes after we finally got a hole punched in the plastic animal cracker container he managed to secure to his head while scavenging. We got a hole popped in with a knife to give him enough room to breath while we gradually cut out the whole bottom of the container to the collar with metal shears. Once we got all of the thin plastic cut away, we were able to sneak the shears underneath the container’s collar and cut it in one motion. Tense night for us…

484 - New plugins installed

I put a few new plugins in the site:

1) Evoca Browser Mic – this is added in my sidebar and lets you leave me a voice comment that goes to my Evoca account.

2) Targana Del.icio.us mp3 player – Let’s mp3s that are uploaded get saved and clipped to Del.icio.us and lets you play them right in the browser. You’ll see this when I start posting audio clips.

3) Digital Fingerprint – let’s you add a fingerprint to your posts so you can scour the web for stolen content much more easily. You better not see this one at all! πŸ˜€

4) Did you pass math – Adds a very simple math problem to the comment form to hurt spambots even more. If you’re numerically illiterate and want to comment, send me an email.

Have a good weekend!

483 - Upgrade postponed

So it turns out I can;t just do a one click upgrade on Dreamhost since I didn’t install from there. It won’t be hard to self upgrade, but it’ll take longer than I have this weekend. And, I’m not as far off the latest version as I thought.

I will be looking to install some new plugins though. If any of them stick I’ll let you know which ones were enabled.

482 - Attempting WordPress Upgrade

I’m going to attempt to upgrade my WordPress installation. All should go totally smooth, but just in case it doesn’t, here is your warning.

Don’t worry, I remembered to backup my wordpress folder and the database of posts… πŸ˜€

481 - Inspirational Quotes from Honest Tea

I grabbed a bottle of “Peach Oo-La-Long” tea by Honest Tea from Specialty’s the other day. Besides being some darn good tea, they also have some great inspirational quotes on the inside of each label.

This is the one from my latest bottle which I whole heartedly agree with:

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there” –Josh Billings

479 - Current Projects

I need to call these out a little bit better in the UI of my site, but until I get the chance, let me link to specific projects that have been getting attention lately – since I know a few blogs just linked here and I got asked what the projects were… πŸ˜€

Twitterlicious.com – A mashup of Twitter, Del.icio.us, and Ma.gnolia.com that allows you to browse Twitter on a mobile device, and clip tweets to your bookmark service so that you can view embedded URLS at your leisure on a screen that supports the size.

BookmarkCleaner.com – A site that allows you many ways to clean out your bookmark service’s stored bookmarks. It works with Del.icio.us and Ma.gnolia.com as of now.  You can search for bookmarks with particular tags, for URLS that no longer exist, and for suspected phishing and malware sites using the Google Safe Browsing API.

I’ll post later with more information, my other projects, and blogs for each project (although maybe I should just bring them all into this one…?)

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