900 - Writer’s Block

When you hear the term writer’s block, you think more of someone that is having trouble putting words to paper (or screen as the case may be.) I haven’t had that problem, nor do I now. Instead, I think it comes down to two other problems – clearing the clutter from my brain and giving myself permission to write.

Sometimes I have so much cruft rattling around my brain that is hard to find the path I want to take. Lots of ideas, pathways, and thoughts just ready to be implemented and acted upon. Too many ideas at times. This is the lesser of the two problems as long as I don’t continue to allow myself to be blocked from doing any of them due to the lack of inertia on any of them.

In regards to allowing myself to write, I’ve found that of late my balance in life has been terribly skewed. I focus more time on the things that are easy but not necessarily as joyous instead of the things for which I have passion but may be a bit harder. After a long day of work and commuting, it is so much easier to just plop down and flip on the TV and Netflix than it is to do something creative.

I have a literal pile of things I want to do. I’m starting to get excited about actually doing them. So much so, that I’ve resurrected “Life, it is a Travesty.” Here I’ll give musings about the experiments, projects, and crafts that have been sitting on the pages of my moleskine for too long.

Whether it be gardening, home-steading, cooking, crafting, recipes, minimalism, or any of the dozen other topics. They’ll be here, interspersed with random posts and essays. Everything but hiking, camping, and associated outdoor endeavors which will have their home over at 90 Hikes.

Time to stop blocking myself and start focusing more time on the things that will bring the passion back into life instead of letting them be a part time participant.

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