152 - Free Beef!

It’s that time of year again for Seattle area residents.  Les Schwab is giving out free beef with tire purchases.  I prefer Costco, as they give out free rotation and alignement with purchase, and they are countrywide (we travel in the car quite a bit); but some look forward to this yearly ritual.  Enjoy and chow some cow!

151 - 100s (~346 or so…) of Free Classical Music .ogg files from Wikipedia

There was a thread in the freebies section of BargainShare.com

It listed a link to a Wikipedia entry that has links to hundreds of .ogg classical music files.

Download the Firefox extension “Download Them All” and run it on this page to grab all of them at one time.

150 - World Celebrates 250th Anniversary of Mozart’s Birth

OK, so I missed the actual Date (January 31, 2006) by a few weeks. But here I am now! And oh what a treat. There is a Danish site that has 9 Mozart symphonies available for download. AND they have high bitrate versions as well! I’m not normally the classical music type, but there’s something about his music that moves me.

I can’t read the site, so if you miss the downloads before they get yanked, you can always download classical music on iTunes after the fact (although they won’t be free then – so go to that site above NOW!!!)

144 - iTunes Song of the Week – Free Music Reminder

Did you know that iTunes offers free music?  Every week they have a Song of the Week (SOTW) which is offered up for free.

I used to track the SOTW pretty religiously.  Lately though (read the past 8 months) I’ve been forgetting to check it out. That’s a shame, as they feature some pretty good music there.

I decided that to really remember I needed a more daily visual reminder to go and check it out.  I have my blog as one of my homepage tabs in Firefox, so I see it every day.  I added a graphical affiliate link to the iTunes music store using their nifty SOTW rotating graphic.  It’s that albumy looking graphic in my blog’s header.  See it up there?

I’m not sure exactly how accurate it is, as right now it shows “The Magic Numbers” as SOTW, but the treu SOTW is actually by “Zack Hexum”.  Maybe it shows a preview?  Hopefully it will rotate for me.  We’ll have to see how things go as time goes by.

So, if you visit my blog and use the iTunes music store, hit up that link for free music.  Last September I found the single “Someday” by “Flipsyde”.  It’s that song being used in the Olymipcs’ music video/commercial.  It’s still one of my favorite 5 star rated songs.
It’s a great way to find new music (as is Pandora, but that’s a post for a different day…)

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