639 - Random Alcohol Trivia Question

What do the following drinks have in common?

Smirnoff, Baileys, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, Ketel One, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray, Guinness

First commenter to answer correctly gets a drink on me next time we go out together (probably helps if you either know me, live in the Seattle area, or will be going to a conference I’ll be attending as well.) Must be over 21 to ‘enter’ ad ‘win’.

Answer to follow later…

622 - SXSW 2009 Showcase Schedule and MP3 Torrent

SXSW 2009 LogoEvery year Austin hosts an amazing festival called South by Southwest – SXSW.  Its the best of the industry for music, film, and interactive media.

They just announced the 2009 SXSW Showcase Schedule letting people know where the different musicians will be delighting crowds.

They used to release a torrent of all the sample mp3s they post to allow people to sample the music ahead of time to decide who they want to see live.

Some guy named Ben Stolt went to the effort to download the mp3s and put a torrent together himself.  So, check out the UNofficial SXSW 2009 mp3 torrent.  Just make sure not to leech and run.  These are all legal mp3s here folks – they’re publicly available on the SXSW site if you want to get them 1 by 1 on your own.

And if you’re in or arounf Austin, pop the money to go to the conference, it’ll be the best money you spend all summer.

619 - Nation in Uproar Over Fort Knox/Cash4Gold Deal

613 - Rogue Nation Ratifies Nationwide Economic Bailout Plan For Its Citizens

Rogue Logo One of my favorite breweries, Rogue has a “Members Only” club it calls the Rogue Nation.

A portion of it’s Decleration of Independence states:

We, the undersigned Rogues, with tongues firmly planted in our cheeks and with the inherent power derived from within and the Laws of Hops and Barley, declare the intent to form a Micro-Nation — the Rogue Nation — a global alliance without borders, its citizenry possessing an unswerving responsible allegiance to the Rogue within, unfettered by limitations imposed by others, commonly-accepted bullshit, or rules totally lacking in reason.

And you get $0.75 off each pint when you show your card to boot.  Anyway, they recently announced an economic bailout plan.  Every day at each of their ’embassies’ (breweries) two tables will be randomly selected to have their ‘debt to Rogue’ (bill) relieved.  Hell yeah!

Check out their pressroom for more details or see the press release (PDF).

Go now and be merry at one of their convienient locations.

452 - Three Strollers @ > 65% off on Amazon.com

Here are three cheap strollers that anyone having a baby soon could use. We know a couple pregnant folks, so this post is for them. Here is one Combi and two Safety First strollers at remarkable discounts.

I haven’t done research to see how they’re rated or if they’re safe strollers; that’s for you to do. I’m just here to help you save money!!!

Combi Iv Thunder     Safety 1St Travel System Stroller, Ivy Cottage     Safety 1St Signature Integrated Travel System (Biltmore)
In order:

The Combi is down 66% from $229.99 –> $79.00
The Safety First Ivy Cottage is down 66% from $259.99 –> $89
The Safety First Biltmore is down 72% from $354.99 –> $99.


443 - Cheap ($4.95 after rebate) 2-pack of 1GB Flash Drives

Anyone that has been looking to get a sizable flash drive should take a look at this. If you haven’t, just proceed and be on with your day.

Flash Drives

Our Price: $53.95
Price After Rebate(s): $4.95
Shipping: FREE

Buy.com Total Price: $4.95

Kingston 2 X 1GB USB 2.0 DataTraveler Flash Drive Kit – DTI/1GB-2PKR


Rebate limit is two per person/household/address, so you can actually get 4 of these for $9.90 after rebate.

DataTraveler USB Flash drive is ideal for home office, small business, schools and promotions. It is affordable and puts mobile storage in nearly anyone’s hands. Now you can store, carry and transfer files quickly in an affordable, convenient device. The DataTraveler from Kingston helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers, allowing you to easily store and move files in a device no bigger than a pocketknife. As easy as click and drag, the DataTraveler can hold just about any file you can think of – reports pictures, spreadsheets or other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port – even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa. The DataTraveler also makes a great promotional item for your organization; it’s simple to add your logo to increase brand-recognition. Backed by a five-year warranty and Kingston’s legendary service and support, the DataTraveler is a reliable, inexpensive solution for carrying files or your next promotion.

BTW – If you haven’t used Google Checkout before, use that to get $10 off and essentially get four for free or get paid $5.00 to get two after all is said and done.

{EDIT: Note that Rebate ends March 31st; Don’t forget to print your reciept upon order completion, some friends have told me they didn’t get packing slips from buy.com}

251 - iStockPhoto Members Get 20% Off Getty Images Through June

If you’re an iStockPhoto member, you should be subscribing to their email list (the Contact Sheet).  If you don’t, then you missed this article in the May 16th issue:

iStock Members Save At Getty Images
The iStock brass spent last week in NYC with our new pals at Getty Images. Why should you care? After some serious horse-trading, string-pulling and sweet-talking, (okay, it was more like whining) they came back with a hot deal for all of you. iStock members now get 20% off rights managed or royalty-free purchases at Getty until the end of June. Search the entire Getty website, then enter the code G34PC46N at checkout to receive your discount. Now, aren’t you glad you subscribe to this newsletter?

Mergers and Acquisitions have their advantages eh?  Go, buy, save.

196 - New Network Magic Version Released!!

Most of you who read this blog know that I work for Network Magic (formerly known as Pure Networks). Well, we’ve been laboring hard over here for the past couple months and have some great news: we just released a new version today.

Some hilights:
1) FREE. We now have a free version of Network Magic that has a subset of features always available. If you’re a trialer, you’ll get a trial of the premium version that will turn into the basic version at the trial expiry. This basic version is free and still has some amazing features of it’s own.
2) Wireless network security and management. We now make it easy to kick wifi intruders off of your network. You can also choose to let Network Magic manage your wifi connections for ease of use.
3) Network health & security alerts. We monitor various tension points of your PCs and Network and give you an overall view of your network’s health. Do you have out of date anti-virus? Are you up to date on Windows Update critical patches? Do you have an open wifi network?
4) Access your web cameras. If you have a network web camera or a usb based web camera connected to your Net2Go server, you can now view live still shots or video (depending on your camera type and browser used) from those cameras by logging into your Net2Go site.
5) RSS feeds. Now, all Net2Go sites support RSS. You can subscribe to a site level feed that keeps you current on new shares that have been added to the Net2Go site you’re monitroing. You can also subscribe to individual shares so that as new content is added to those shares by the Net2Go owner, all RSS subscribers will see it in their reader/aggregator.
* Certain portions of some of these features may require specifc routers, go to NetworkMagic.com for more details.

There’s more to this update than just what I have above. Remember, I’m a developer, not a marketer so I’m putting out there what I love about it most. Everyone has different joys. Download it and find your own!!

Also, we still have our company blog (Network Garage) if you’d like to subscribe to it and keep up to date on everything we’re doing, as well as general home networking topics.

161 - Download 2006 SXSW Band mp3s and Film Trailers Over Bittorrent

Sweet musical goodness! SXSW in conjunction with CitizenPod have released bittorrent files to preview the 2006 Showcasing Bands and the 2006 Film Trailers.

From sxsw.com’s 2006 toolbox:
SXSW 2006 Showcasing Bands MP3s
713 MP3S – Release 1
229 more MP3S – Release 2

SXSW 2006 Film Trailers
Film Trailers – Release 1
Film Trailers – Release 2

153 - Setup your T-Mobile To Go Phone for T-Zones Use.

I just got a TMO phone (the Samsung x495) and activated service on their prepaid network.  I was talking to the rep to be clear on pricing, and she said t-zones access was free for whatever I could access.  Sweet!  Only problem is that pressing the t-zones button got me network unavailable.  I did some quick Googling and found a link to this T-Mobile customer service application in this thread at  the Mobiledia forums.

Click click click on the web site; recieve WAP message; click click click on the phone.  Whammy!  T-Zones access.

And hey, no yammering about having a crappy carrier, phone, or being weak for using prepaid.  I’m paying a lot less for my coverage than you are!  Unless of course you too are on TMO, in which case, hope you enjoy the tip. :)

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