364 - Garlicy Goodness.

Garlicy Goodness.

Review of: Garlic Jims, Food & Dining
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
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I miss the great pizza of Pagliacci’s having moved out of Seattle to the suburbs. A warm Chicken Primo on a cold fall night sure soothed the senses.

I’ve found my new gourmet pizza replacement in South King County – Garlic Jim’s. Their prices are a bit higher than say Dominos or Pizza Hut, but the service and quality are well worth it.

Every type of pizza I’ve had from there has been excellent. My two favorites are the margherita and chicken bacon ranch. Guess you can tell I’m a fan of the white pizza eh?? 😉 Nothing against the good old Chicago/New York style reds, but garlic and oils hit the spot for me.

If they do for you too, then you need to check out Garlic Jims – they’re spreading like wildfire down here, so if you’re near South King County or the Eastside you’re sure to either have one or be getting one. Heck, they even just opened one in Seattle!!

363 - Nike+ Sprot Kit

Nike+ Sprot Kit

Review of: Nike+ Sport Kit, Electronics
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 3 stars
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Don’t bother with the Nike+ shoes, there are plenty of shoe wallets available that let you put the sensor device in and go with your current shoes.

The Nike+ site is a touch slow and it is impossible (without much grumbling intervention of hand editing and copying files on your iPod in disc mode) to add workouts from when you forgot to bring your shoes/sensor/receiver. Let’s just leave it at you won’t be getting it done any time soon. There are a few PC based software solutions to work around this, but Mac users like me are on their own for now.

It is nice to set goals and see the progress towards them, but the whole system needs quite a bit of reworking to be more optimal.

All that siad, I still like it, and I will continue to use it, I just wish it were more capable.

362 - Sears Outlet – Scratch & Dent

Sears Outlet – Scratch & Dent

Review of: Sears Appliance Outlet, Appliances
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
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For those in the Seattle area who were unaware, Sears has an appliance outlet in Tacoma. It has scratch and dent applicnaces at some steep discounts.

We got a fridge there for about $800 less than MSRP. We paid a bit more than our budget, but its because we were able to get so much more out of that money than we had even hoped for.

They have all sorts of appliances and accessories. Our fridge had a barely noticeable scratch on the front edge, and they were even nice enough to throw in touch up paint in the right color for FREE. Some of the fridges had nothing noticeable wrong expect maybe a missing shelf.

Delivery is self service, so if you don’t have the strength or transportation you’ll have to arrange it on your own separately. They do have several services they refer, and the one we used worked well. They even moved our old fridge to the garage for us.

It’s worth the drive south.

361 - Multi Monitor Synergy!

Multi Monitor Synergy!

Review of: Freeware Application – Synergy, Computers
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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I use a program at work and at home that I absolutely love and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a bit slanted towards technical people, but is incredibly useful.

If you have two computers or more on your desk, each with its own monitor; you need to be using Synergy. It allows you to share a keyboard and mouse (but not monitor) w/o needing a switch box. It is free and cross platform (Linux, OS X, and PC versions exist.)

It’s home page is here: ( http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/ ). Once you download, install, and set it up the magic starts. You can run your cursor off the edge of one monitor and it automatically appears on the edge of another monitor. I have mine set up side by side so I can go off the right side of my Mac laptop’s screen and have it appear on the left hand side of my PC’s LCD screen.

You can even cut and paste between systems!

So go grab another LCD screen, ditch the mutliple keyboards and enjoy some additional desk space and productivity.

Crap, check spelling is still busted in Mac Flock – sorry for typos…

360 - SteepAndCheap.com Rocks on Discounted Outdoor Gear

SteepAndCheap.com Rocks on Discounted Outdoor Gear

Review of: Steepandcheap.com, Shopping
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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BackCountry.com is a large outdoor equipment company. So large that they often get asked by manufacturers to take on large lots of odd items that are either a season old, that for some reason aren’t good sellers, or that have off industry average size allotments.

These products are high quality products by high quality manufacturers (Kelty, Moonstone, Camelbak, Columbia, Nixon, etc…)

Every day (sometimes several times a day) these products are placed at EXTREME discounts on a side site they run called SteepAndCheap.com ( http://www.steepandcheap.com/ ). I’ve gotten several items, as have quite a few people I work with.

The fact that you have BackCountry.com’s supply chain and customer service backing SteepAndCheap.com is no less than a 150% bonus in shopping there.

All items are high quality, shipping is fair and fast, prices are sometimes downright jaw dropping, and customer service is impeccable. I’m picky at times and they meet my standards by far. i bought a watch whose battery died on day one. They offered to refund the amount it would cost to replace the battery or the option to return the watch. I choose to return it just in case it was an issue with that particular watch I got. They had no problem whatsoever.

They may not work if you need x or y by this weekend, but if you’re looking to slowly build your collection with quality products at discount prices, they are a MUST visit site.

351 - Refillable Coffee Pods

We have a Senseo at home that we absolutely love (so much so I have one at work too.) The froth created by the forced hot water is a nice bonus to any cup of coffee. However, I have become so dependent on it, that I no longer use a real coffee maker.

Sometimes I want a regular old cup of coffee, or a cup with some custom grounds (there’s a great roaster in San Francisco, but they don’t make pods…) It’s not easily done with the Senseo (or others like the Black & Decker and Keurig versions)
Senseo HD7890/75 Coffee Pod System with Holiday Gift Pack--PARENTMy answer was to do some research and find refillable coffee pods that can be used in single serve coffee machines. I plan on reviewing them all, but initial indications have me leaning towards favoring the myPod since it can make a double cup.

If you’re looking for the same thing, please follow this link to find refillable coffe pods at RefillableCoffeePods.com (my new store :) )

You can also buy a new Senseo Coffee Machine Gift Pack while you’re there if you’ve been thinking about getting one.  Just click on the picture over there on the left (or go to my store – it’s on the front page.)

344 - Thief With a Brain?

Hard to believe isn’t it?  What with all the Darwin Award emails and Dateline’s To Catch a Predator series.  But, they do exist.  And they took our stroller.  HUH?  Yup, our stroller.

I drove to the train station Friday on my way to work and parked in the outdoor lot.  Aileen came into the city that day and offered me a ride home.  We went the way home that is not the way home to pass by the station, so in a fit of laziness we left the car in the lot for the weekend.  Turns out we risked it getting towed – Kent Station is owned and operated by Sound Transit who have a semi-strict policy on 24 hour parking limits.  KC Metro allows 72 parking, but now I’m on some Sound Transit hit list of cars to be towed if they hit 24:00:01 time parked.

I digress.  So, Aileen drives me back to the parking lot Monday morning so I can move the car and get to work.  She goes up to drive it to the indoor lot and asks me why I left our daughter Kelsey’s bike helmet on the ground next to the car.  I curiously told her I had not (considering it had been in the trunk…) and went over.  The car was locked, but a bit ransacked inside with the driver seat reclined.  There were NO signs of forced locks.  No broken window.  NOTHING.  The guys that got into the car were good, nay, VERY good at their job.

Here’s the kicker though.  They stole ONE thing – a stroller from the trunk.  Now, we know they didn’t want it for their own or a friend’s kid.  How you ask?  Because they left a slew of toys and bikes in the car that could have gone to the same kid.  They even went to the trouble of taking the busy bar OFF of the stroller.  Come on, what self righteous thief says this busy bar isn’t worth the stroller it’s tied to?  None that I can think of.

My guess?  They used it to wheel something else off from someone else’s car.  But that begs the question of how good the thieves actually are.  If they are THAT good at getting INTO a car, what stopped them from hotwiring the car and driving the whole darn thing away?  Maybe they were interrupted??  Missing tools? gaps in knowledge?  Too big a crime?
Who knows.  But to leave a  car capable of carrying a LOT of stuff and being smart enough to see kids toys in a car and hit it for the possibility of a storller in the trunk is brilliant.  I’m not sure I’d have thought of it had I been stealing things.

335 - Merry Waste of Time

Merry Waste of Time

Review of: Merry Maids, House & Apartment Cleaning – Interior
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 1 stars
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The Auburn branch of Merry Maids offers free in home estimates. I called and spoke with Donna who was more than happy to set one up for me.

I canceled an appointment to make time for them to come out. 30 minutes before their appointment, they called to cancel and reschedule for the next week.

Again I carved time out of my schedule for them, and again 30 minutes before the appointment they called to cancel and reschedule. This time however I choose to drop them to the curb.

No business that doesn’t care about your time in this manner is worth your money. Avoid them.

328 - Little Miss Sunshine – 5/5

Little Miss Sunshine – 5/5

Review of: Little Miss Sunshine, DVDs & Videos
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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This movie portrays the REAL typical American family; the heroin snorting grandpa, the suicidal gay brother, the success lecturer dad, the Nietzsche loving emo son, the Cleaveresque mom, and the beauty pageant wanna be daughter.

They all get together on the ultimate trip of travesties when they learn their daughter won first prize in a beauty pageant when first place defaulted and she moved up from second place. This got her into a regional qualifier called “Little Miss Sunshine.”

During the 700+ mile trip from their home to Redondo Beach, CA everything that could go wrong does. This movie is so incredibly hilarious that you won’t stop laughing; well, you might for a little bit, but it will only be to stop and care about the characters. These actors get you into the lives of the people they portray.

Although incredibly excellent, I was only going to give it 4 stars. Then the pageant finals scene near the movie’s end came up and I added on star number five as I climbed back into my seat off the floor.

My favorite here was Steve Carell, who is really starting to break out of himself. He made this role and this movie. Close second was the son, who interacted perfectly with Carell’s character.

320 - Judy’s Book Deals

Judy’s Book Deals

Review of: Judy’s Deals, Shopping
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
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Judy’s Book Deals is another new deals site. It does however, have some nice features that have potential to set it apart from the others:

1) The format is a touch nicer, I’m not sure why since it has fewer deals per page, but it just strikes me more.

2) They have pictures (or try to) for every deal. Finally, a glimpse into the deal without clicking into the thread.

3) Ability to vote Digg style, comment, or flag posts.

4) You can enhance deals that their bots create.


6) Deals you post or enhance entitle you to to a portion of their affiliate profit when other people buy through that post. This beats the PANTS off FatCash and eBates, which give you percentages back of deals YOU buy, by allowing you to earn money from OTHER PEOPLE buying. This pro alone could potentially catapult this site to the top of the deals forums pack.

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