776 - Cedar River Trail

Cedar River Trail at Green to Cedar River Trail ConfluenceAnother County maintained trail. Yeah, it’s not 100% wilderness, but I think it’s important to show people that there are hikes that are able to be done for newcomers to hiking that they can easily bike, walk, or bus to. That way they can see what hiking can afford them in an urban area and imagine when multiplied may times over what that means once they catch a ride or drive to the real wilderness.

Cedar RiverThis trail is 17.3 miles in total length from Lake Washington south through Renton and Maple Valley and to Landsburg Park. From this confluence with the Green to Cedar River Trail north through Renton to Lake Washington is 12.3 miles. There are almost limitless points of access from this trail to the Cedar River.

IMG_9814It stays even with Rt 169 for most of the way, although there are distinct areas where it drops below and disappears from sight of the road. Even at this bridge, the road is still fairly well out of sight.

Levee RepairsIf you plan on walking the whole thing, or even from Renton to Maple Valley, take note that levee repairs north of Cedar Grove Road will close the trail for about a month. it won’t close the whole trail, but it will dissect it for the repair period.

Trip DataI didn’t use Trailguru because I had planned on going very far and was worried the battery on my iPhone would die, so I used my Nike+ system instead (besides, it’s not like the elevation chart would show a whole lot of difference here… :) )

Trip total trail miles: 4.7
Hike-A-Thon total: 10.45

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