742 - Catchup Day for the Hike-A-Thon

I’ve fallen seriously behind my miles goal for the Hike-A-Thon. I’m OK with that since I’ve gone with my mom and the kids and I realize they can’t keep a high pace. But, it does mean I need to make up the difference.

I plan on a long hike for today. I’ll be walking from the house to the Cedar to Green River Trail; taking it to the Cedar River Trail and following it all the way to Lake Washington for about 17 miles. There I’ll be meeting the family for a late picnic lunch. If I have any energy left (hopefully I will) Aileen will then drive me to Fort Dent so I can return south on the Interurban trail at about 15 miles to get picked up for dinner in Pacific.

My previous max at one time is 7 miles, so this is a big stretch. I plan on making at least the first half to Renton, anything after that is gravy.

Wish me luck, and remember that it’s not too late to sponsor me by the mile… :) I’ll have my phone with me, so go ahead and email me with an “if you do this many miles I’ll sponsor you message…” Or Facebook message me.

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  1. So the update is that I didn’t make the goal for today. See upcoming posts for details, but I was just shy of 9 miles.

    Comment by myko — August 15, 2009 #

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