735 - Coffee in the Wildnerness

Coffee in the wilderness has always been a problem for us. We’ve seen all manner of gadgets for making press coffee in the wild, but portable press devices are incredibly fragile and ill-working. We had a really cheap steeping spoon that worked for crap (too small, so it left for a VERY weak cup of coffee…)

H2JoA couple weeks ago I bought the GSI Outdoors H2JO! Water Bottle Coffee Maker. It worked amazingly well and I’ve relied on it exclusively since then. Just screw it on to a bottle, fill with coffee grounds,and let it steep and you have some rather nice tasting coffee. I was a super big fan.

Until Aileen came along and rocked my world (again). Her better solution? Senseo Coffee Pods. Yup, that’s it; it’s that simple. Just drop one pod in a cup, or two pods in a 18 ounce or so tumbler and you have coffee that not only tastes brewed fresh, but at an even lower weight. And you don’t need to bring along abottle that the H2Jo fits on, you can use whatever camp cup you’re used to using.

Couple it with a JetBoil and you’ll have some sweet tasting coffee in under 5 minutes from boil to steep to your lips. Give it a shot and let me know what you think. Who’d have thought that Senseo would be our wilderness coffee solution?

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