720 - Kanaskat Palmer State Park

Class IV rapids aheadA great day at the Green River for the entire family. Not many trails in this state park save the few between parking and the river and the ones from day use to the campground. I’m not sure there is an official named trail in this park, but the ones that are there are pretty well maintained. From the day use parking area head North to the river or west to the campgrounds. For a longer hike, choose west which trail gets you back to the entrance. For a nice splashdown, head north to the river.

Facing west at the riverThe Green River actually has class IV rapids if you follow the river downstream to the Southwest from the day use area.

The rangers here are really nice and very active at the front entrance on busy summer days like this one. Dogs are allowed here, and most of the ones present were very well behaved. You do however have to watch out the for the occasional dog scat piles from ill behaved human masters.

This area of the river is great for tubing, swimming, floating, and just generally enjoying the cool river water. Great place for a quick family dip or a nice limited rafting/tubing trip. Not the place to go for hiking, but it’s still a lot of fun!
Kanaskat Palmer State Park

Trip total trail miles: 0.62
Hike-A-Thon total: 1.26

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