715 - White River Campground & Shadow Lake Trail

The girls and mom halfway down the Shadow Lake Trail.We thought we’d get a nice kick to the month off by taking my mom tent camping for the first time in her life (she hasn’t been popup camping since I was a kid…) Besides a few stiff joints, she ended up doing really well and we’re super proud of her for the effort she put in.

Aileen was able to leave Maple Valley early enough on Friday while I worked to secure us a nice spot in loop D of the White River Campground, just down the loop from the Glacier Basin trailhead. We went to the campfire program that night and learned about the many hats rangers wear, including collecting seeds for replanting meadows that have been tromped by the ill informed.

Breakfast this morning brought us a beautiful black tailed deer doe that came right down the hill and through our site. Unfortunately, we were yet to get any gear together to have grabbed a photo. We were eyeing up the Glacier Basin trail and the trail from the campground to Sunrise. But with our first timer with us (first time hiking too!) we decided to opt for a smoother transition.

South from Shadow Lake TrailWe hit the Junior Ranger program in the morning and drove to Sunrise. After a good lunch, we started down the Shadow Lake Trail intent on getting us as far as the group could make it. Arthritis set in and we had an early end. We didn’t make it past the service road that you take west to get to Shadow Lake, so it was dusty; however, there were great views of Rainier and some wonderful Anise Swallowtail Butterflies following us around. All around still a great experience for the group.

I forgot to turn on Trailguru until the turn around point, so the below is only the return trip.
Shadow Lake Trail Portion - Return Trip

Trip total trail miles: 0.64. Not a lofty start, but I’m damn proud of my mom for hitting a Sunrise trail as her first hike.


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  1. Love to see adventurers like you mom hiking and camping. It makes me so happy. Happy hiking.

    Comment by Jackie — August 6, 2009 #

  2. Thanks for the thought Jackie! It made us happy too! She hadn’t been camping since I was the age my kids are now. And that was in a popup!

    Now she’s looking at synthetic blend fabrics and trekking poles!

    Comment by myko — August 9, 2009 #

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