706 - TrailGuru and TrailRunnerX

TrailGuru logoThere are quite a few decent trail tracking apps available for the iPhone. I wanted to start out by using the fee ones first.

TrailRunnerX Logo

Whereas I like EveryTrail’s UI just a bit more, TrailGuru won out. The .gpx files turned out by TrailGuru are more compatible with TrailRunnerX (a really great trail/route/run/bike/etc tracking program for OS X). TrailGuru’s .gpx files did have some bogus negative elevations I had to remove for importing, but the web site just ignored them when presenting them in the public WIKI.

Here’s a link to the Test Trip I took on the bus home from work as I was sampling the apps. That same run in TrailRunnerX looks like this:
Test Trip

See, I can’t start into something like a Hike-A-Thon without getting serious about data collection. Besides, all you by the mile sponsors are going to want to keep track of how I’m doing… πŸ˜€

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