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WTA 2009 Hike-A-Thon BannerI am participating in the Washington Trails Association’s Hike-A-Thon this August. This is a fundraiser to help WTA get the funds they need for trail maintenance, supplies like cross cut saws used to clear trails, crew leader training and more.

I’m doing this for several reasons. First, I really believe in the WTA and the work they do as stewards for our states trails. If you’ve enjoyed a hike on a trail in WA, chances are it was made more enjoyable at least in part by the WTA’s work either building the trail, clearing the trail, or as lobbyists for hikers rights. Second, its important to me to teach our kids to not only enjoy the outdoors, but also to enjoy the pastimes of hiking, camping, and to gain general survival skills (building fire, navigating, etc.) Lastly, I am going to be joining the King County Search and Rescue Training later this year and I need to get into a lot better shape for that.

The Hike-A-Thon continues throughout the entire month of August, and only trail miles count. I’ll be bringing the girls (Aileen, Kelsey, and Kaela) on almost every hike, so it will be hard to get a large number of miles logged (4 and 6 year old legs don’t go quite as far as mine) . My goal is to get 50 miles between all the family hikes, several solitary hikes, and at least a few hikes with just Aileen and I.

If you share the sentiment and would like to sponsor me, I would be very appreciative. All monies go to the WTA. You can SPONSOR a flat rate online or you can sign my pledge form (email works too) and pledge a per mile rate to keep me motivated.

AND, if you donate $35 or more ($20 or more as a student) you are entitled to a free WTA membership. Let me know if you want that option and I’ll forward details after I receive your pledge. This is also a great way to join the WTA if you have been meaning to do so anyway… :)

If you want to live vicariously through me during this adventure, follow my progress in the Hike-A-Thon category on my blog. I’ll be posting pictures, thoughts, trip reports, and more. Feel free to comment on the posts to encourage me to keep going! :)

Finally, If you don’t want to donate, I understand that as well. Just do me one favor if you don’t sponsor me. Go online, find a trail, and go on a hike this summer. Get outdoors and enjoy the vast wilderness that WA state (or any other state for that matter) has to offer. The fresh air and views are so totally worth it.

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