484 - New plugins installed

I put a few new plugins in the site:

1) Evoca Browser Mic – this is added in my sidebar and lets you leave me a voice comment that goes to my Evoca account.

2) Targana Del.icio.us mp3 player – Let’s mp3s that are uploaded get saved and clipped to Del.icio.us and lets you play them right in the browser. You’ll see this when I start posting audio clips.

3) Digital Fingerprint – let’s you add a fingerprint to your posts so you can scour the web for stolen content much more easily. You better not see this one at all! πŸ˜€

4) Did you pass math – Adds a very simple math problem to the comment form to hurt spambots even more. If you’re numerically illiterate and want to comment, send me an email.

Have a good weekend!

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