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I need to call these out a little bit better in the UI of my site, but until I get the chance, let me link to specific projects that have been getting attention lately – since I know a few blogs just linked here and I got asked what the projects were… πŸ˜€

Twitterlicious.com – A mashup of Twitter, Del.icio.us, and Ma.gnolia.com that allows you to browse Twitter on a mobile device, and clip tweets to your bookmark service so that you can view embedded URLS at your leisure on a screen that supports the size.

BookmarkCleaner.com – A site that allows you many ways to clean out your bookmark service’s stored bookmarks. It works with Del.icio.us and Ma.gnolia.com as of now.  You can search for bookmarks with particular tags, for URLS that no longer exist, and for suspected phishing and malware sites using the Google Safe Browsing API.

I’ll post later with more information, my other projects, and blogs for each project (although maybe I should just bring them all into this one…?)

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