467 - Been a long time.

Sorry to all those who are getting tired of only seeing my links.  I’ve been remiss in communicating for quite a while.  I apologize.  I think it’s because I felt that I wasn’t really reaching many people (no offense to those reading… :) )

I came up with a solution to save this blog and to reach the masses all at once – I started a new blog on Lockergnome called Tech Time (Chris’ reach is tremendous).

How is starting another blog going to save this one?  Well, because that one will have the more in depth posts that I have boiling inside me for tips, tricks, etc.  This one will remain the home of Myk and will continue to have my photos, links, and reviews.  It will also have the personal posts I used to have.  If you want the more in depth posts, go over there.  For some foreshadowing, read my intro post.

Welcome back to content, and amble over there and let me know what you think.

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