367 - Targus Helps You Cool Down.

Targus Helps You Cool Down.

Review of: Targus PA239U Targus Traveler CoolPad, PCs & Consumer Electronics
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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I only buy laptops for a reason. I like to have all of information with me at all times, and I like to be able to compute in more locations that just my grungy desk. I need changes of pace. I want to blog from the couch, surf for deals from the restroom, check email and recipes while cooking. OK, so maybe I need to break from technology for a while… :)

A while back there was a deal where I was able to get some laptop cooling pads on sale. I got them for a song. I’m glad, but after having used it I would pay full price knowing what I know now.

It’s the Targus Traveler Coolpad. It’s a hard black plastic base that raises the laptop at an angle to give it a more ergonomic feel, along with better airflow. It also has the effect of being able to swivel the laptop since it is essentially two connected pieces.

This lazy susan effect is great for when the wife and I are tapping out at a coffee shop and want to show each other something quickly. Just a spin of the machine and we’re looking at each others screens.

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