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Service Pack What?

Review of: Apple PowerBook G4 – PPC G4 1.5 GHz – RAM : 512 MB – HD : 60 GB – CD-RW / DVD – 802.11b/g, Bluetooth – MacOS X 10.4 – 12.1″ TFT 1024 x 768 ( XGA ), PCs & Consumer Electronics
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Rating: 5 stars
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Did you know that a year and a half ago I switched sides? Yup, I gave up using my old home Compaq Windows PC and traded it in for a workhorse of a Mac.

Ever since, I have had no issues with viruses, malware, spyware, or OS updates. I bought OS X Tiger and got “Windows Vista” for free. Everything that Windows isn’t, the Mac is. Sleek, powerful, advanced, intuitive, beautiful, fun.

Apple has integrated their software, hardware, web services, and accessories to an amazing degree. itunes and my iPod cruise together in harmony. iPhoto and my Canon cameras do the same. I can see my wife’s music and photos over our wifi network.

This little baby does it all and does it all so well. I really have no complaints at all. It’s funny, I work at a company that creates Windows software, but I feel more at home with a Mac. What’s that tell you about the state of Microsoft’s OS???

And in January when Vista comes out? Well, I’ll already be running the next OS X – Leopard. I’ll see then what it will take MS 3 years to give back to its customers. What OS will you be running?

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