363 - Nike+ Sprot Kit

Nike+ Sprot Kit

Review of: Nike+ Sport Kit, Electronics
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 3 stars
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Don’t bother with the Nike+ shoes, there are plenty of shoe wallets available that let you put the sensor device in and go with your current shoes.

The Nike+ site is a touch slow and it is impossible (without much grumbling intervention of hand editing and copying files on your iPod in disc mode) to add workouts from when you forgot to bring your shoes/sensor/receiver. Let’s just leave it at you won’t be getting it done any time soon. There are a few PC based software solutions to work around this, but Mac users like me are on their own for now.

It is nice to set goals and see the progress towards them, but the whole system needs quite a bit of reworking to be more optimal.

All that siad, I still like it, and I will continue to use it, I just wish it were more capable.

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