368 - AOTW – AppZapper!

AOTW – AppZapper!

Review of: App Zapper, Software
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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It’s a shame that Apple doesn’t include a better uninstall method for programs in their OS. But, worry not, because someone has come up with the answer – AppZapper.

You merely drag any part of the application onto AppZapper’s launchpad, and it will bring up a list of the associated files it found for that application. You can check and uncheck the different files and automatically delete the whole thing all at once.

It even has Genie mode to find all the applications you might not even realize you had installed and gives you the option to rid yourself of them as well!

It is possible for a seasoned veteran to do this on their own, but this is a must buy for the newbie. Heck, I’m a seasoned veteran, and I even bought it. I’d rather use this and save my time. I love it so much, I bought a special friends and family pack they had offered and gifted a couple licenses out to good friends to use on me.

If you use a Mac, do yourself a favor and keep it clean. Get AppZapper to help you ( http://appzapper.com/ ).

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