360 - SteepAndCheap.com Rocks on Discounted Outdoor Gear

SteepAndCheap.com Rocks on Discounted Outdoor Gear

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BackCountry.com is a large outdoor equipment company. So large that they often get asked by manufacturers to take on large lots of odd items that are either a season old, that for some reason aren’t good sellers, or that have off industry average size allotments.

These products are high quality products by high quality manufacturers (Kelty, Moonstone, Camelbak, Columbia, Nixon, etc…)

Every day (sometimes several times a day) these products are placed at EXTREME discounts on a side site they run called SteepAndCheap.com ( http://www.steepandcheap.com/ ). I’ve gotten several items, as have quite a few people I work with.

The fact that you have BackCountry.com’s supply chain and customer service backing SteepAndCheap.com is no less than a 150% bonus in shopping there.

All items are high quality, shipping is fair and fast, prices are sometimes downright jaw dropping, and customer service is impeccable. I’m picky at times and they meet my standards by far. i bought a watch whose battery died on day one. They offered to refund the amount it would cost to replace the battery or the option to return the watch. I choose to return it just in case it was an issue with that particular watch I got. They had no problem whatsoever.

They may not work if you need x or y by this weekend, but if you’re looking to slowly build your collection with quality products at discount prices, they are a MUST visit site.

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