362 - Sears Outlet – Scratch & Dent

Sears Outlet – Scratch & Dent

Review of: Sears Appliance Outlet, Appliances
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
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For those in the Seattle area who were unaware, Sears has an appliance outlet in Tacoma. It has scratch and dent applicnaces at some steep discounts.

We got a fridge there for about $800 less than MSRP. We paid a bit more than our budget, but its because we were able to get so much more out of that money than we had even hoped for.

They have all sorts of appliances and accessories. Our fridge had a barely noticeable scratch on the front edge, and they were even nice enough to throw in touch up paint in the right color for FREE. Some of the fridges had nothing noticeable wrong expect maybe a missing shelf.

Delivery is self service, so if you don’t have the strength or transportation you’ll have to arrange it on your own separately. They do have several services they refer, and the one we used worked well. They even moved our old fridge to the garage for us.

It’s worth the drive south.

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