361 - Multi Monitor Synergy!

Multi Monitor Synergy!

Review of: Freeware Application – Synergy, Computers
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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I use a program at work and at home that I absolutely love and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a bit slanted towards technical people, but is incredibly useful.

If you have two computers or more on your desk, each with its own monitor; you need to be using Synergy. It allows you to share a keyboard and mouse (but not monitor) w/o needing a switch box. It is free and cross platform (Linux, OS X, and PC versions exist.)

It’s home page is here: ( http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/ ). Once you download, install, and set it up the magic starts. You can run your cursor off the edge of one monitor and it automatically appears on the edge of another monitor. I have mine set up side by side so I can go off the right side of my Mac laptop’s screen and have it appear on the left hand side of my PC’s LCD screen.

You can even cut and paste between systems!

So go grab another LCD screen, ditch the mutliple keyboards and enjoy some additional desk space and productivity.

Crap, check spelling is still busted in Mac Flock – sorry for typos…

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