351 - Refillable Coffee Pods

We have a Senseo at home that we absolutely love (so much so I have one at work too.) The froth created by the forced hot water is a nice bonus to any cup of coffee. However, I have become so dependent on it, that I no longer use a real coffee maker.

Sometimes I want a regular old cup of coffee, or a cup with some custom grounds (there’s a great roaster in San Francisco, but they don’t make pods…) It’s not easily done with the Senseo (or others like the Black & Decker and Keurig versions)
Senseo HD7890/75 Coffee Pod System with Holiday Gift Pack--PARENTMy answer was to do some research and find refillable coffee pods that can be used in single serve coffee machines. I plan on reviewing them all, but initial indications have me leaning towards favoring the myPod since it can make a double cup.

If you’re looking for the same thing, please follow this link to find refillable coffe pods at RefillableCoffeePods.com (my new store :) )

You can also buy a new Senseo Coffee Machine Gift Pack while you’re there if you’ve been thinking about getting one.  Just click on the picture over there on the left (or go to my store – it’s on the front page.)

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