328 - Little Miss Sunshine – 5/5

Little Miss Sunshine – 5/5

Review of: Little Miss Sunshine, DVDs & Videos
By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 5 stars
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This movie portrays the REAL typical American family; the heroin snorting grandpa, the suicidal gay brother, the success lecturer dad, the Nietzsche loving emo son, the Cleaveresque mom, and the beauty pageant wanna be daughter.

They all get together on the ultimate trip of travesties when they learn their daughter won first prize in a beauty pageant when first place defaulted and she moved up from second place. This got her into a regional qualifier called “Little Miss Sunshine.”

During the 700+ mile trip from their home to Redondo Beach, CA everything that could go wrong does. This movie is so incredibly hilarious that you won’t stop laughing; well, you might for a little bit, but it will only be to stop and care about the characters. These actors get you into the lives of the people they portray.

Although incredibly excellent, I was only going to give it 4 stars. Then the pageant finals scene near the movie’s end came up and I added on star number five as I climbed back into my seat off the floor.

My favorite here was Steve Carell, who is really starting to break out of himself. He made this role and this movie. Close second was the son, who interacted perfectly with Carell’s character.

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