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By: Myk O. on Judy’s Book
Rating: 4 stars
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Judy’s Book Deals is another new deals site. It does however, have some nice features that have potential to set it apart from the others:

1) The format is a touch nicer, I’m not sure why since it has fewer deals per page, but it just strikes me more.

2) They have pictures (or try to) for every deal. Finally, a glimpse into the deal without clicking into the thread.

3) Ability to vote Digg style, comment, or flag posts.

4) You can enhance deals that their bots create.


6) Deals you post or enhance entitle you to to a portion of their affiliate profit when other people buy through that post. This beats the PANTS off FatCash and eBates, which give you percentages back of deals YOU buy, by allowing you to earn money from OTHER PEOPLE buying. This pro alone could potentially catapult this site to the top of the deals forums pack.

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