286 - Attention!!

One of the biggest conversations at Gnomedex 6 has been attention data and how companies are bad and evil for keeping this data and not letting users have it. Same for our user generated content. The sites that let us contribute our data and trust to build their site and wont let us get that data back out when we’re ready to go are evil.


But, there’s something more evil, and it’s not the companies or their practices. It’s us. We’re letting them do it. I hear a lot of people standing up and pounding their fists. That’s good, they’re incensed and letting people know. BUT, they’re not leaving these sites. They keep giving them more data!!!

If Charmin scratched you ass every time you wiped it, would you continue to use it?

For goodness sakes everyone, TALK WITH YOUR FEET!! Continue to stand up and complain, continue to fight the good fight, but above all else, DON’T continue to use a site that you bitch and moan about.

If you’re mad that e.g. a site you’ve reviewed products on won’t let you get that data out of their site easily so you can take it to another site STOP REVIEWING PRODUCTS THERE!!!

Stand up for your rights and take your business, your trust, your data, and your attention to someone who knows how to respect you in the morning.

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