281 - Gnomedex 6.0 – Who Am I?

I have a couple of posts RE: Gnomedex in the back of my brain, but I wanted to throw out some contact information now if anyone wants to meet up.

Best way to reach me the whole weekend (or anytime for that matter) is to call my SkypeIn number @ (206) 855-5578.  If I’m on wifi and logged into Skype, I’ll get your call there; if not, it will forward to my cell phone.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that my name is Myk (pronounced “Mike”), I live in the Seattle area (Maple Valley to be exact), and that I’m a web application developer.  I have serious interests/leanings towards content and information sharing and retrieval.
I’m representing the company I work for (Pure Networks) and our product (Network Magic) and want to focus in on network usage, content sharing, and community/social networking environments.  I’ll be a bit more explicit in a followup post tonight after I get home from the registration party; right now I need to hammer out some bug fixes!

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