269 - Cherokee Bay – A slice of the great outdoors at the footsteps to the city

Cherokee Bay – A slice of the great outdoors at the footsteps to the city

Review of: Cherokee Bay Community Club
By: Myk OLeary
Rating: 5
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Let me start out by saying I may be a bit biased since I live in Cherokee Bay and am on its Board of Directors. Cherokee Bay Community Club is the name for our neighborhood’s Office and Recreational Facility.

It’s one of Maple Valley’s only 100% private neighborhoods. I’m not talking gated – we’re not hoidy toidy. I mean that we own everything. The streets, the water system, etc. We’re basically a small city. And that’s what makes it such a fun place to live. We have 853 houses and most people know a lot of other people all over the large parcel we call home. It’s the definition of community.

Kids ride bike safely on our streets, people regularly walk around to say hi and for exercise. We share our expertise – our landscaper and soon to be electrician both live here (and we’re getting tabs on an ex-plumber as well!)

We’ve got a lovely park. It has trees, grass, horseshoes, grills, a playground, a cabana, and lake access to Pipe Lake which is stocked with several types of fish. It’s a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can come here to relax and hang out with your neighbors like you were spending time in a state park. The big difference is that when you’re done eating and it’s time to go home – you’re already there.

I sigh on my morning commute to Seattle every day as I stream onto the freeway listening to my podcasts; however, I breath easy on my trip home knowing that I’ll soon be pulling into a drive covered with a canopy of four 50+ foot evergreens (with more in the backyard).

It’s a slower pace of life, but one that is so much more enjoyable. The only thing that could make it better is if I could work from home…

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