267 - Dr Fraker – Best Dentist in Seattle

Dr Fraker – Best Dentist in Seattle

Review of: Green Lake Dental Care
By: Myk OLeary
Rating: 5
Read review on Judy’s Book.

I’m referring a Seattle dentist since you asked here. Hopefully that’s what you’re looking for. If not, this could very well help someone else.

Let me start by saying how horrible I used to find going to the dentist. I’d sweat, I’d stress, and once there I’d gag on the X-Rays and find myself constantly swallowing for some reason.

Enter Dr Fraker. I came here on a referral and could not be more pleased. My gag reflex is gone (didn’t choke once, even on the back molar x-rays), I am totally relaxed in the chair, and their prices are unbeatable. Yes, I have insurance, but I got two wisdom teeth taken out for a total out of pocket of $65. Yes, for less than a trip to Teatro Zinzanni I was out two teeth (and one had to be cut out…)

The office is right by Greenlake with plentiful on street parking, a very bright and cheery front desk staff, and free samples in the restroom to brush up before your appt.

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