265 - Get tickets in Seattle by calling LA

Get tickets in Seattle by calling LA

By: Myk OLeary
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Read the article on Judy’s Book.

In answering a request from a bit ago on Judysbook, I am a bit late to help this particular person, but for those reading for themselves, this tip is GOLDEN.

If a big band you like has tickets opening up on a particular day, get a Ticketmaster number for ANOTHER city that is more open that day and call them. Call them 10 minutes early and ask about some random show, it doesn’t matter which one. At the opening hour of sales, say, “you know what, how about tickets to X at Y?” Since it’s not their hometown venue, they are not inundated with calls and traffic like the local numbers will be.

Works like a charm, and no worries about your net connection (or TM.com’s for that matter) going down.

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