196 - New Network Magic Version Released!!

Most of you who read this blog know that I work for Network Magic (formerly known as Pure Networks). Well, we’ve been laboring hard over here for the past couple months and have some great news: we just released a new version today.

Some hilights:
1) FREE. We now have a free version of Network Magic that has a subset of features always available. If you’re a trialer, you’ll get a trial of the premium version that will turn into the basic version at the trial expiry. This basic version is free and still has some amazing features of it’s own.
2) Wireless network security and management. We now make it easy to kick wifi intruders off of your network. You can also choose to let Network Magic manage your wifi connections for ease of use.
3) Network health & security alerts. We monitor various tension points of your PCs and Network and give you an overall view of your network’s health. Do you have out of date anti-virus? Are you up to date on Windows Update critical patches? Do you have an open wifi network?
4) Access your web cameras. If you have a network web camera or a usb based web camera connected to your Net2Go server, you can now view live still shots or video (depending on your camera type and browser used) from those cameras by logging into your Net2Go site.
5) RSS feeds. Now, all Net2Go sites support RSS. You can subscribe to a site level feed that keeps you current on new shares that have been added to the Net2Go site you’re monitroing. You can also subscribe to individual shares so that as new content is added to those shares by the Net2Go owner, all RSS subscribers will see it in their reader/aggregator.
* Certain portions of some of these features may require specifc routers, go to NetworkMagic.com for more details.

There’s more to this update than just what I have above. Remember, I’m a developer, not a marketer so I’m putting out there what I love about it most. Everyone has different joys. Download it and find your own!!

Also, we still have our company blog (Network Garage) if you’d like to subscribe to it and keep up to date on everything we’re doing, as well as general home networking topics.

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