20 - Nikon encrypts D2X white balance metadata

Via Engadget and Photoshop News

Nearly every different camera maker has its own proprietary version of the RAW format (though Adobe has been trying to get manufacturers to adopt the license and royalty-free Digital Negative, DNG, standard), so RAW converters are almost always necessary if you want to use a third-party photo editing app. Until now photographers were able to read that data using third-party RAW file converters, but by encrypting white balance metadata Nikon is essentially forcing you to either use their own Nikon Capture app rather than Photoshop (or anything else) or manually adjust the white balance (which can make it more difficult to get the results you want). Not the end of the world, but all Nikon is doing is needlessly alienating their best customers (i.e. the only people could possibly care about something like this).

I may not have a high end Digital SLR, nor do I even like Nikon cameras (at least not yet… ) ) But, this is a slippery slope I’d rather not have ever seen. I was incredibly excited to see Photoshop CS offer RAW file support, but given this latest news, I can’t help but wonder what will happen next. Nokiashop? Yeah, people would buy that.

Camera manufacturers take note, consumers will NOT stand for this. I understand your want for control, but this is not the right way to go about it.

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