21 - Generation i

No there, is no scientific generation i, I made it up after a realization tonight. The masses that are growing up now are growing up more in tune with a new corporate culture than any other generation.

The proliferation of iPods has propelled Apple back onto the map. Even if they never gain desktop or business workstation market share, they have forever changed teh way that the world listens to music.

iPods have outsold Sony’s walkman numbers by laughable amounts. iTunes is profitable. iPhoto, iChat, iThis, iThat. We’re surrounded by the new MAC culture. They are bringing the convergent home to reality. Others are helping out and doing the same, but none have been as successful or innovative about it as Apple.

How did I realize all this? When while going to free scoop day, my 2.5 year old daughter turned to me and yelped (yes yelped!) with glee, “DADDY, DADDY, LOOK!!! I WANNA GO IN THE APPLE STORE!!!” Not only did she recognize the store itself from the outside, she knew what it was, and here’s the killer – what awaited her inside. And she was so enamored by past visits that she wanted, no HAD to go back in again.

As we passed the tables of iPods, she immediatley points and says, “look mommy, like daddy’s!.” She doesnt skip a beat and heads straight for the center table in the back by the theater and sits down on the black ball in front of a slick iMac and starts drawing. After a while, we ask her to come along and she just tells us, “no, I’m working.”

Guess it’s time to get her a WACOM tablet eh?? )

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